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Market Day Iowa

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Market Day is October 29, 9a-2p! After that we'll be back on Black Friday. We love you.

Market Day is an indie craft market: our vendors craft -- but they don't make your grandma's crafts. At Market Day, shoppers find screenprinted posters and tees, postcards of monsters, stenciled paintings of mermaids, kawaii earrings, macabre pottery, and more. And? We’ve got our share of vintage housewares, clothing and jewelry, too.

Find Market Day at the Des Moines Social Club in the Kirkwood Theater -- at 400 Walnut Street in downtown Des Moines, IA. Click here to get directions.

Catch us the last Saturday of each month through October, starting May 28th. And then remember to shop local on Black Friday -- November 25th.

Recent comments

  • September 22, 2011 11:55 am


    Every great metropolis in history had a strong tradition of creative arts. A tradition of craftsmanship and, most importantly, of discussion. Cities are built and broken on the ability to have lithe, flexible, exchangeable ideas and debates. A city which stagnates dies. Dead cities don’t innovate. They are sealed in the coffin of abandoned industries and worthless factories. Even in our very modern world these cities can be wholly abandoned, suddenly, sometimes less than a century after their greatest boom times.

    Creative culture is the lifeblood of a thriving city. Art exists in a realm where crazy ideas can flourish. The greatest “what ifs” can emerge, be tested, and sink or swim. Art is the original viral meme generator — and the new ideas it generates can’t help but trickle down or overflow into business, commerce and city government.

    If we care about our city, we have one easy additional “to do” item: Embrace the arts. Weave them into our lives. Pick one event a month and go. “Doing our part” can be as easy as having opinions about what we see and sharing them with others. I hope you’re ready, because art season is opening.


    — Cat’s article for Juice Magazine, September 21, 2011.